Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

In my early twenties I worked for a large retail company. Being a praise oriented person, I swore from the moment my boss offered me a promotion into management that I would sweat and bleed for this company and I would work my way up the corporate ladder until I was working at the headquarters.

The company had over seventy stores across the country at the time, so finding ways to get myself to stand out to my corporate leaders was a challenge, but nothing was going to stop me. Instead of an email, I would regularly call out buyers and field managers to discuss issues at my store. I would call them by name, I’d remember details about our prior conversations and follow up with them and I was charismatic. Slowly, I made myself memorable, though none of them had met me in person before.

My problem is that I never feel as if I am doing enough. No matter what job I was in, I could be doing more—growing more. More, more, more! I’m greedy that way.

So many times I would ruin great things by being greedy for that praise. I would impress the buyers, field managers and district managers with my dedication, only to ruin it by becoming overambitious. My boss at the time would tell me, “Kaila, don’t reinvent the wheel. Just do the basics. Master the basics only.”

He had a foresight I did not have. He saw what my over ambition would lead to: misguided goals, veered focus, and worst—burned out.

He would hold back praise given to me from his bosses—not to be mean—but to keep my head from inflating so much to where I would be too high on it to see the ground and my immediate job. I ran two departments at that store and once or twice offered to take on another smaller department when it was going through management changes. Always, I’d get the same answer,

“Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just do the basics.”

Eventually, I got demoted from that job and quit. Was it due to over ambition? Perhaps. Perhaps, I was so focused on being seen, promotions, and praise that I lost sight of what was truly important. What my boss was always telling me—the basics. In the end, my over ambition and lack of focus lost for me what I wanted more than anything else.

If I had focused all that drive and willingness to please into becoming the absolute best manager and leader I could be by reading personal development books and learning from the masters, perhaps I would now be working at the corporate headquarters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad about the loss of that job, (well, not anymore). I truly believe that all things happen for a reason, and I wouldn’t be on my way to a six figure income had my ego not taken such a powerful blow. It was a hard lesson to learn, but a necessary one.

In summary:

Don’t be so focused on climbing the ladder and reaching milestones that you lose sight of the basics. Build a strong foundation for your business and teach your team to do the same. It may take a little longer to obtain your goals, but once you do nobody can take them away from you.

The great thing about Network Marketing is that the road has already been paved for you. There is no way to better improve the system. hundreds and hundreds of books and blogs are written on the subject, and they all say about the same things with their own unique twist. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Their methods are tried and true, so kick your pride to the side and pick up a book!

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One thought on “Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

  1. Maribeth says:

    We have had a very similar past including working two positions from different departments down to losing that position…and the agreed upon need for personal development.
    Fellow Reignmaker, new Team Leader,


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