Your MacGuffin Is Showing

As most of you already know, I am an avid reader. Upon reading my latest addition to the library, The Go Giver: Sell More , I discovered a lovely new term: The MacGuffin.

The term was originally coined by the English screenwriter, Angus MacPhail, but had become widely known during the 1930’s by no other than director and producer, Alfred Hitchcock. It is seen most often in thrillers and refers to an item which the whole story seemingly surrounds itself around.

The most popular MacGuffin used throughout fiction would have to be the Holy Grail. Countless protagonists search and search for this holy relic in an attempt to find it and secure it before the villain does. (Because every good film, or book for that matter, has one!)

Other examples of the MacGuffin are the rabbit’s foot in Mission Impossible III, The hidden treasure in The Goonies, and the Heart of the Ocean necklace in Titanic. They’re sought after, fought for and desired, but the audience doesn’t really care about them. It’s the characters and their journeys that captivates the their attention.

Why Do We Care? Isn’t this a Blog on Network Marketing?

I’m so glad you asked. Prepare yourself as this may come as a shock to you.N

The product you’re selling is the MacGuffin.

Wait, what? Are you saying that nobody cares about this thing that I’ve invested my time, energy, money and whole self into?

Yes, and no.

I’m not saying that nobody cares about your product. I’m sure it is a lovely product- top of the line, in fact. However, when you make what you do about the product and not the value you’re providing, it becomes all about you. You sell a customer a product to make yourself some money. You sign someone up under you so you can promote. This is not the way of a truly good salesperson.

What separates an average salesperson from a great one is their intention. An average salesperson pitches a prospect, whereas a great one serves to a person. In the first situation you are pitching a person with the intent to strike them out, or rather for them to give in and buy your product or join your business. In the second, you serve your products or business opportunity to the other person and they respond by hitting the ball back to you (ie their concerns, questions or desires.)

Not a sports fan? That’s okay. How about this:

An average salesperson is like a hunter scouting for their prey (prospects.) Whereas, a great one is more like a farmer. They plant the seed, water it and nurture it to help it grow big and strong, and to one day hopefully bear endless fruit.


Your customers aren’t there for your products. The could easily do a google search for what they want and find another person who will sell it to them with just as many hollow promises.

They are there for the value you provide, and for the care in which you provide it.

Think first about what is best for them and you will always be rewarded. It may not be in the way you’re expecting. It may come from a person who decided it wasn’t for them, but was so impressed by your care for their needs that they recommend countless people to you.

Always be the person you would want to do business with.

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