Lessons Of An Oak Tree

Your roots are the most vital part of yourself. Grow your root system, grow yourself. Two oak trees that stand side by side can even share a root system and become grafted together.

Your root system is your team- your tribe. It is through your team members that you intellectually and emotionally nourish yourself. When your team is healthy, you too will be healthy. You are not separate entities. You are connected.

If you were to cut off a larger piece of an oak’s root it would appear alright for a while, but would become deprived of it’s much needed nutrients and eventually die over the course of 2-3 years.

Don’t underestimate the damage cutting off one of your vital members within your network can do to you mentally and/or emotionally. Never burn bridges and always try your best to leave things on good terms no matter what the case may be. Severing a vital piece of your network (yourself) may appear to be alright at first but might become a much larger issue later on.

The size of the tree above ground is reflected by it’s network of roots underneath.

Simple: The larger and more diverse your team/network/tribe is, the more successful and intellectually rich you will be.

When you plant the seed is not when you reap it’s rewards.

We’ve heard this time and time again, but when you are planting seeds in the sales or networking industry, it is not at that time that you will bear any fruit. The fruit must be nurtured and it must be at the right time to plant. Otherwise, it would all be for naught.

A great tree provides for a network of others; Acorns for squirrels and other animals, shade for many, homes for birds, a place for children to play.

Just like the oak tree, we must provide for others outside of our direct team/network. We must serve in a way that we provide value for others which in turn grows our network.

Nothing can stop an oak from growing. Not concrete nor asphalt. It will  bust the very foundation to make room for itself. 

Be as the mighty oak and let nothing stand in your way!

It will produce 2,000 acorns every year, but only one in every 10,000 will develop into an oak tree.

Yet, every year it still produces more acorns every single year, regardless of the discouraging ratio. You must be like the oak and continue to plant seeds no matter how many no’s you might get. When it starts to feel impossible, just remember that only one in every 10,000 acorns actually matures into an oak tree.

The mighty oak, because of strength and endurance, is the national tree of the United States of America. 

Be someone others can look to and become motivated. Stand tall with pride and evoke a sense of strength in others.



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